Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello po!  

This week has been an amazing week of service and happiness!  I love the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign that the church is doing.  We have been giving service to everyone.  I have been enjoying planning and serving and sharing the LIGHT.  

I am doing very well.  I am oh so happy!  The work here in Penablanca has been good, but also kind of slow.   Our teaching and finding have been great.  We've been working hard and have been trying to focus on teaching those who are most important for us to teach, which is of course the investigators.  We're still on the search for golden investigators!  We had a miracle this week with one of our investigators, Sister Jenky.  Her husband is a less active and she has been taking the missionary lessons for a while now.  Before, she was interested, but she never wanted to act.  If we invited her to church or to be baptized, she would always tell us that she has agency.  We had actually been thinking about dropping her to a former investigator, but we decided to wait and teach more.  This week, we taught her about temples and families, using the new pamphlet from the church.  It was an amazing lesson!  The Spirit was strong, and I know she felt it.  We explained to her about family sealing, family history, eternal marriage, and baptisms for the dead.  We also explained that only worthy members of the church can enter the temple.  She surprised us at the end of the lesson by asking us, "So what do I need to do so that I can become a member of the church?"  We were so surprised by her question, we were speechless!  Of course, she knew the answer:  baptism and repentance.  We are working towards setting a baptismal date with her.  She doesn't want to come to church or start on the path to baptism without her husband.  We will work with her husband for reactivation so that together, they can get on the path that leads to the temple.  We are so exited for them.  Our lessons with Jenky really was a miracle.  I love being a missionary!  

My hair is also doing fine.  The lice, as far as I know, is gone.  There's still hair falling out, but not a ton.  Thank you so much for sending me hair care stuff and vitamins. :)  I hope it gets here!  Thank you thank you very much.

This coming Wednesday is transfer day, and I am getting transferred.  I am excited, but also sad to leave my beloved Penablanca.  I don't know where I will be assigned yet;  I'll find out on Wednesday.  I have been praying to be sent to the area where I can be of the most help to others. I was also surprised this morning when I got a call from President Hiatt.  I have been called as a sister training leader in the PCM.  I am very humbled and excited for this call.  I am excited to be an influence for good among the sisters in the mission.

I love you all so dearly.  


xo Sister Allen

The Philippines Area Presidency had these made for all the members in the PH! There are 25 ornaments for the 25 days of the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign.  You cut out one ornament everyday and write on the back what service you did then hang it up!  It's so cute.  

The ornaments are the traditional decoration of the Philippines called "parol."

DAY1:  We did a service project at the chapel with our district to kick off the Christmas campaign.  We gave the chapel a really good deep clean.  It was filthy, but now it looks great!  #LIGHTtheWORLD

Cleaning the chapel.

Me and Sister Fukofuka!

The Cataggaman District

DAY 2:  I washed all of our rubber shoes that we have.  Even a little act of service counts, right?  Hehe.  #LIGHTtheWORLD

DAY 3:  Sister Fukofuka finished her new missionary training, and we surprised her with a graduation cap and a candy crown and medal.  #LIGHTtheWORLD

DAY 4:  We visited Sister Golong in the hospital and fixed her hair.  It was a mess!  Because I know you're wondering...she is in the hospital because she accidentally dumped a pot of scalding water on herself.  She has 3rd degree burns all over the lower part of her abdomen and the top of her legs.  She's been confined in the hospital for over a week now.  So sad! But she is getting better.  #LIGHTtheWORLD

It took us awhile to brush through her hair!  Her hair was CRAZY.

She has pretty hair again!  :)

DAY 4:  We did two service things on day 2!  We got these lollipop flowers for all the sisters in the Tugue South Zone and passed them out at Stake Conference.  #LIGHTtheWORLD

Tuguegrao South Stake Conference - with the youth and young single adults from our ward.

This is the first thing my companion did when we got home on Sunday night...needless to say, she's tired.  Hahaha!

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