Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In Santiago with missionaries from the Santiago North and South, Solano, Bayombong and Alicia Zones for the mission conference with Elder and Sister Schmutz. 

Hello po! 

This week has been a crazy week, but a good week.  I am doing great.  Elder Schmutz a General Authority Seventy visited our mission.  I loved our mission tour and I loved hearing messages from President Hiatt and Sister Hiatt and Elder and Sister Schmutz.  It was a spiritual and inspired meeting. It made me want to do better and to be better. I think Satan knows that if he stops the missionaries from doing the best that they can, and stops the Spirit from touching the hearts of the missionaries, he could stop people from coming to Christ and could stop the growth of the true church.  I think he really hates each one of us and is doing the best that he can to stop us.  I also know that Jesus Christ loves each one of us and is doing the best that He can to help us.  We each just have to make a choice:  will I give in to temptation or will I follow the Savior?

I am back in Penablanca.  Finally!  Penablanca is back is business!   I am excited to get back to the members and investigators that we left here.  We have power and our apartment is fine, so we're back here and ready to work.  My new companion is Sister Urdaneta from Mindanao Philippines.  I only met her today, but I like her already.  I think we will make a good companionship. She's nice.  I am so happy to be here!  I am excited and feel a desire to help the people here;  help them with clean-up and such from the storm (like doing CSP's) and also help them to soften their hearts and come unto Christ.  I think that people might be more excited and receptive to missionaries in Tuguegarao now, because missionaries haven't been there for a while.  Even this p-day while walking and buying groceries, several strangers asked me if the missionaries were back in Tuguegarao.  I was happy to say, "Yes! We're back!"  I am excited to get back to work here. 

Please please please don't be mad, but I don't have time to write a good letter today.   Just know that I love you so much and that I think of you always. 


xo Sister Allen

Emergency transfer day.  Happy day! We got to go back to the areas that had been closed from the typhoon. 

Rice is nice.

We got lost and had to walk through the rice fields. Haha!

I saw my anak! :)

Me and Sister Barranco.  She's still in Bayombong.

Cute baby!

Me and some cute sisters from Kiribati at the mission tour.

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