Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello po! 

This week was a CRAZY week.  It was such a good week.  I also have a surprise for you.... I AM transferred!  Don't worry, I'll tell you what happened later in this letter....

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting.  I was still feeling pretty bummed about transfers and was feeling kind of wimpy.  Our district leader taught us about the Armor of God.  It was a good lesson.  I felt the Spirit and I felt strength from that lesson.  I love the concept of the armor of God.  If we are righteous and are pure, we can have protection from the world.  Every piece of the armor is important, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit, the shield of faith, and everything else.  We cannot let our righteousness become weak or our faithfulness falter.  If that happens, our armor will lose its strength and we will not be protected.  We can't have a chink in our armor!  We must be perfectly armored so that we can perfectly be protected and happy.  What can you do today to strengthen your armor?  Whatever it is, do it!  What is putting a chink in your righteousness?  Whatever it is, get rid of it!  There is no greater blessing than the joy that comes from righteous living.

On Wednesday, we had a nice normal day of work.  It's really hard to work when you're sad and your feelings are focused on yourself, so I did my best to accept the fact that I was not transferred (or so I thought) and just forgot myself and went to work.  It made me feel SO much better.  Life really is much simpler and happier when you're not focused on yourself.  I was finally starting to feel okay with the fact that I was staying and I was focusing on the positive that would come from my time there.....but then Thursday happened...

On Thursday it was transfer day.  That morning, me and my companion and my housemates headed to a community service project.  We were going to help a lady paint her newly remodeled house.  As we were getting things started, I was happily working.  At about 9:30 am we got a call from the zone leaders, Elder Bice and Elder Dialino.  "Sister Allen!  YOU ARE TRANSFERRED!  There was a mistake!  Hurry and get your things packed and get to Cauayan as fast as you can."  !!!!!! I was STUNNED.  It turns out in the rush and complication and confusion of transfer lists, the AP's (assistants to the president) forgot to add my name to the list that they sent us.  They forgot about me!  They didn't realize that they had made a mistake until the actual transfer day, and they saw that I wasn't there.  I was a mix of happiness (because I was transferred), anger (because they forgot about me), and sadness (because I had accepted the fact that I wasn't transferred but I actually was).  After a few minutes - after screaming and jumping up and down and talking with my house mates - my feelings calmed down and I felt such peace.  It felt so right!  Before transfer lists had come, I felt - really really felt prompted - that I would be transferred.  I also felt that I would be transferred to Tuguegarao.  I have learned here in the mission to recognize promptings, and I know that that prompting was true.  Then when the transfer list came and my name wasn't on it, I doubted myself.  I felt disappointed.  It felt wrong.  Hearing that I was actually transferred just confirmed the feelings that I already had had.  It felt so so right.  My feelings were also confirmed when I found out where I was transferred....I am now in Tuguegarao South Zone.  The Spirit is awesome, right?!  Hahaha.  I am now assigned in the Penablanca Ward of the Tuguegarao South stake.  After I found out that I was transferred, we hurried and rushed home and I packed my bags with the help of my house mates, took a shower, and headed to Cauayan.  It was a rush, but I didn't feel stressed or worried, I just felt happy!  I made it to transfer day, said goodbye to my anak (she cried :( ), and made the three hour trip to my new area in Tuguegarao with my new companion Sister Barranco.  She's awesome!  She's from Bicol (in PH Naga Mission), is 21 years old, and 4'9''.  She's the smallest missionary in the whole mission.  Her size doesn't match the rest of her though.  She has a big loud voice, is very friendly and talkative, and walks faster than I do.  I love her!  She already graduated college.  She majored in Education with an emphasis in English, so she's very good at speaking in English.  She's really smart and loves to read too.  I really like having her as my companion.  I think we are going to do great things this cycle!

On Friday and Saturday were my first days of normal work here in my new area.  It is so pretty here.  It reminds me of SLC, because it is surrounded by mountains.  I really love it here. 

On Sunday we had church and I got to meet the ward.  This is my first time being assigned in a ward, not a branch.  There was a wonderful feeling throughout the whole service.  The members are so nice and welcoming.  I am excited to get to know them more.  I also ate dragon fruit on Sunday, which was delicious and fun.  

So that was my crazy week!  I love my new area and the change I have had.

I love you all so much!  You are always in my prayers.  I hope you all have a great week. 


xo Sister Allen

My huge luggage in the tiny kulongkulong.

Brother Roland refused to smile...he was sad that I was transferred.

My notes from our district meeting on Tuesday. 

The baptism in Burgos of Nanay and Tatay Garuella.  I missed it by two days!
But it's okay.  I'm so happy that got baptized! 

My new companion, Sister Barranco.

The view from my window in Penablanca.  There's a TON of noisy chickens...

Our bathroom. 

My bed!

My desk.

Our kitchen.  Notice the microwave...I haven't used a microwave in almost a year!
I was so happy when I saw that we have a microwave.  Haha!

Tuguegarao South Zone!

The sisters of the Tuguegaro South Zone.

Me and my kabahays (housemates), Sister Montejo and Sister Fukofuka.

We had an activity at Callao Caves this morning. It was fun!

We climbed 184 steps to get to the Callao Cave.

Inside the cave there's a bunch of shrines and things like that.
People go there to worship sometimes.

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