Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello po!

This morning when I opened my email, there was an email from the mission office with information "in preparation to get you home."  Ah!  I, of course being me, burst into tears.  I'm not ready to go home!  Although I still have quite a bit of time left, seeing that letter really freaked me out and made me feel like I only have a little time left. :(  

This week was okay.  We had about 20 lessons this week.  Not bad, but we can do better.  The weather's fine.  It's still hot during the day and cool and rainy in the evening.  It is harvest season, and everyone is out and about reaping and threshing corn.  There's corn everywhere!  Sadly, it's not the kind that people eat.  Too bad, because the corn on the cob here is delicious!  

Here is what I did this week:

On Tuesday we had our district meeting.  I really enjoyed it!  Our district leader taught us about our purpose here (one of the many purposes that we have here, I should say).  Our purpose here is the LOVE and to SERVE.  We love and serve the people and we love and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ.  If you serve someone, but you have no love for them, your service means nothing.  If you love someone, and you don't act on that love and serve them, your love means nothing.  Love and serve!  Love and serve!  Love and serve!  There is no better combination.

As we were working, we worked in a part of our area called Bliss.  We visited a woman we had contacted before and were hoping to teach her that day.  When we got there, she was kind of a mess because she had just gotten back from the hospital.  Her husband had a stroke, and the doctors sent both of them home earlier that day.  The doctors said there was no more that they could do for her husband.  He was laying inside their house, unconscious, and looking very unwell.  The woman, named Cattelina, asked us to pray for her and her husband before we left.  We told her that our prayer might not bring her husband back to full health, but that it would help her feel peace.  She said, "yes, I know" and seemed to understand.  We prayed and asked that her and her husband would feel peace at that difficult time and that whatever happened, they would feel of God's love.  When we came back a few days later, her husband had died.  We stopped by to ask how she was doing and if there was anything we could do to help her.  She was very peaceful and seemed okay.  She wants us to come back after the funeral for her husband to teach her.  At this difficult time in her life, the gospel is exactly what she needs to hear!  We are excited to go back and teach her the plan of salvation.  

On Wednesday, we had a CSP and started painting the food stand thing for Lyka.  It was fun!  We're not finished yet though.  Then, we taught some lessons, one of which was with the Garuella's.  They are awesome!  We had to move their baptismal date to September 17th because Tatay hasn't come to church enough times to be baptized, and they need some extra preparation and time before the big day.  They are so excited for their baptism.  I'm so excited too! 

On Thursday and Friday, I spent all day in bed.  I was so so sick!  I started to get a fever and not feel well on Tuesday but I just pushed through it.  Finally on Thursday, I was feeling really crappy.  I had body aches all over, a fever, and a stuffy nose.  So that wasn't fun.... but I am feeling much better now!  It really sucks to stay in bed all day, especially when you are a missionary.  I just wanted to get up and get out and work!  My companion was kind and patient with me, even though it wasn't fun for either of us to stay in the house for two days.  I slept most of the time.  When I wasn't sleeping, I watched the church movies that we had laying around our apartment.  I actually learned a lot from the church movies haha.  I really love the new-ish Joseph Smith movie, "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration."  It's really good.  I just cried and cried as I watched it because the story is so beautiful, and I felt the Spirit testify to me how true the Restoration really is.  You should all watch it!  

On Saturday, I was feeling a bit better, so we went out to work!  We just had a good normal work day.  That night, we went to visit a member, Sister Jhajha.  She returned early from her mission after being there for one month.  (She was extremely homesick and was having a hard time.)  We went to visit her and talk to her.  I didn't really now what I should say to her, so I just hugged her and asked how she was doing. 

On Sunday, we had church.  I wasn't the pianist this time.  I bore my testimony during sacrament meeting.  I was wearing my Liahona necklace that Sage got me, and I showed it to everyone, then bore my testimony about how the Holy Ghost is like our Liahona and that He is always there as our guide.  After church, we just went out and worked again!  It was a good day.  

That's pretty much all I did this week.  Hopefully this coming week will be much better!  

I love you all so much!  I miss you all so so much!  Thank you for sending all your love and prayers to me.  I send mine too, to you.  


xo Sister Allen

*I really failed at pictures this week.....I took no pictures at all!  Sorry sorry sorry.  I'll take a bunch for you next 

week. :)

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