Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello!  This week was an okay week.  There were some ups and some downs, but overall, I am doing well.  The work is still moving forward, step by step.  I am learning lots of lessons through little trials, and even though sometimes it's hard, I am learning a lot and becoming stronger in person and in spirit.  I am really enjoying the Book of Mormon power read our mission president challenged us to do.  I love it!  I did my own kind of "power read" of the Book of Mormon when I entered the MTC.  I started it at the end of August and finished it at the beginning of November.  I was excited to read it again, fast!  I love highlighting everything about the Savior as I read.  I never realized how much of Him is in the Book of Mormon!  He's on every page, and practically in every verse.  This power read is strengthening my testimony of the Book of Mormon and of my Savior. 

The Cauayan area is doing well.  We found a lot of new, promising investigators this week!  I am excited to teach them more and extend more baptismal dates this week.  We have also been doing much better at contacting and finding ever since we practiced CASH contacting at zone conference.  That has helped us have a lot of success in finding and contacting.  

We visited our less active this week, Editha.  Her daughter Jennie Lynn had just gotten back from the hospital after giving birth to the cutest baby boy.  His name is Mar.  I remember when Editha first told us that her daughter was pregnant.  She cried and cried and her heart was broken.  Jennie Lynn is a deaf mute - she can't hear or talk.  She is almost thirty years old, but she lives with her parents because she needs someone to take care of her.  Jenny Lynn is kind and innocent, and spends a lot of time walking around their little town.  Most likely, Jennie Lynn was raped, and because she can't talk or hear, they didn't know - and still don't know - who the father his.  Editha was heartbroken that someone would do such an evil and horrible thing to her daughter.  But now, months later, they have a beautiful baby.  I remember comforting Nanay Editha that day and telling her that trials sometimes bring us the most wonderful blessings.  We tried to make this horrible thing into a positive one.  We told Editha that she could raise the baby in the church.  We told her that when Jenny Lynn was old, she would have her son to take care of her.  We told her to be strong, and to trust the Lord, and that everything - even the most horrible things - happen for a reason.  It was so sweet to see the new, perfect baby Mar this week, and also to see the smile on Editha's face.  A trial in her life had become a beautiful blessing.  That was an important reminder to me about trials.  Even when our trials feel like they are tearing us apart, our trials will be for our good.  Through trials, we receive blessings. 

This week, our companionship has been struggling a little.  There was some unkindness going around that really broke my heart and hurt my feelings.  I fasted this past Sunday for our companionship to have charity and unity.  Even though being in a threesome companionship is hard, I know that this trial will make me and my companions stronger. I am also trying to be kinder and serve my companions more to have a more loving companionship.  I hope that we can do better this week and can each try and be more like our Savior.  

I love you all so much!  I pray for you all every day and think of you every minute. I am excited to start this fresh, new week.

xo Sister Allen

Happy birthday to my dad!

One of our less active's daughters had a baby this past week.  He is sooo cute and sooo tiny.  
His name is Mar.

My latest finds from the past few weeks!  Some Filipino hair elastics. A pretty Japanese notebook. A new wallet that says "banana" (forAnnaBanana) :) cause my other wallet broke. And...candy!Chocolate covered almonds. 

A dinner at the Dellona's house.

At the Soloria's house. There was a lot of us!
Nanay told me she hopes I don't get transferred haha.
She is so cute!  I love her and her family.

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