Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello po! 

I am doing well!  I am happy and hard working.  I am trying to give everything I've got to the last stretch of my mission.  My wounds are all healed up.... all that's left are scars.  Hopefully those will go away in the coming months.  I still get a little scared sometimes when a motorcycle or tricycle drives past us in the night, but I wear my bag differently so that they couldn't get to it.  I don't feel as nervous or scared as I did before.  I am mentally healing from the experience as well.  

This past week went by so fast!  We had a full week of lessons and exchanges with the sisters.  I'm not sure how many lessons we taught...I think about 35 or 40.  We don't report the number of lessons we teach anymore, so I don't know exactly how many lessons we taught.  Our area and ward are doing great!  I love it here in Santiago.  The members are all so supportive and loving.  Our ward had it's annual temple trip to the Manila temple and three families from our ward were sealed.  I am so happy for them!  

We had many wonderful lessons this week.  One of our investigators, Ghail, is so amazing.  Ghail makes a living by doing graphic design for greeting cards and things like that.  She has a cute little four year old daughter, Althea.  We have taught her several times and the Spirit is always so strong in each lesson.  Our last lesson, we taught about the Book of Mormon.  Sister Ghail told us that her heart feels like it is searching for something.  She also told us that she feels light and happy when we come to her house but that when we leave, that feeling slowly slips away.  Ghail is so prepared for the gospel and we can see that she has a pure heart.  I am excited to see where things go with her this week.  Our goal for her this week is church attendance.  She hasn't been able to come yet!  We are hoping and praying that she will come.  She is so amazing and she deserves the gospel in her life. 

I love being a missionary.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week.

xo Sister Allen

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