Monday, December 7, 2015

I love you all so so so much and emailing is one of my favorite things each week.  I am doing well!  I feel like I am getting better in the language and I am improving on being a missionary each day.  It's hard work, but I am starting to realize that choosing to serve a mission is one of the best decisions I will ever make.  I want to give my all!  I want to have no regrets! 

Here's an update on Nanay Relly for you (the one we gave the glasses to):  We visited her this past week, and were so excited to ask her if she read the BoM at all.  We were really anxious!  When we asked her if she had a chance to read, she smiled and said "Wen!"  Which in Ilocano is "opo." (yes) When we asked her what she read, she showed us in her BoM.  It was the page next to the Introduction, which is just a list of all the titles of the books in the scriptures.  She was so proud that she had read it, and happily said "Nagbasa ako lahat!"  ("I read it all!")  We laughed and told her that was a great start, but we made sure to leave her an actual reading assignment in 1 Nephi, with a sticky note on it so she would remember.  Even though she didn't really read scripture, we were happy she started.  Haha!  

I was thinking about dad in my personal study as I read a memorial magazine blurb thing for Pres. Packer's funeral.  It talked about how great of a dad he was and how, no matter what, how he was always there for his family.  Even if he was in a meeting with the prophet, if his family called on the phone, he would take the call.  He put his family first.  And it reminded me of my dad!  I know in a heartbeat, he would drop everything and come to us if we asked him. 

My cough is pretty much gone now.  I am off the meds and have been feeling much better this week.  The azithromycin wasn't a problem either, which is good! 

I have some exciting news.....Sis Maroket and I invited three sisters to be baptized this week, and they all said yes!  Sister Nimfa who is 15, Sister Rosalie who is 30ish, and Sister Shaira who is 18. 

xo Sister Anna Ray Allen

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  1. Anna, I love the part about your dad. He really is hands down the best hometeacher that we have ever had! And in my book that says a lot about a person!
    So happy to hear from you! Congratulations on the Baptisms!