Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am sad that they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I will still celebrate it in my heart.  I have been filling up my "I am Thankful for..." poster each day and it makes me happy to think you are doing the same thing at home. 

I can't believe it's already Pday!  This week flew by so so fast.  Being busy with missionary work 24/7 makes time fly.  Pday is one of the most stressful days of the week.  We just run around all day, cleaning the house, washing our clothes, going to the store, and running around everywhere to get everything done, and then before you know it, we're out teaching again.  Emailing is the only time of the day I feel like I can breathe.  I love emailing you guys!  It's one of my favorite things to do, of course.

I admit, this week was tough, but it was a good tough.  And keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, I worked on counting my blessings, rather than my trails.  I had a nasty cough this week and I've been getting rashes and hives today and yesterday, but even though my body was under the weather, my spirit was not!  I had a good week of setting personal goals, especially goals for my language learning, and in teaching.  I am still continuing to adjust to the ups and downs that missionary work brings, but I feel that I am growing stronger and stronger because of them.  I love it here and I love the people.

I am so sorry that this letter is short.  I am out of time!  Just know that I am happy, that I am doing well, and that I love you all so much.  


xo Sister Anna Ray Allen

New missionaries & Trainers orientation and training (and reunion)

-They brought the newest missionaries and their trainers back into Cauayan at 5 weeks.  They spent the day in more orientation, had a great lunch, took lots of pictures and answered questions. 

"The sun never sets on this work of the Lord as it is 
touching the lives of people across the earth."
President Gordon B. Hinckley 

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