Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My first 4 days in the MTC!


It is Saturday, and it is my P-Day.  Every Saturday while I'm in the MTC will be my P-Day.
My companion's name is Sister Stokes.  She is from South Jordan and is half Filipino.  Her mom is from Manila.  Both of us are going to the Cauayan mission!  We get along great.  I like her a lot!  She's a good companion.

We are sharing a room with two other sisters who are also in our district and are also going to the Philippines.  Their names are Sister Witwerr and Sister Kebaimoa.  Sister K is from a tiny island near Fiji, but I don't remember what it's called.  She doesn't speak English very well, she is so sweet.  She hasn't gotten her endowments out yet, so we get to go with her to get them at the temple this afternoon.  It will be fun!  Sister Witwerr is from St. George.  She is really cute and nice.  She just chopped her hair too! 

It's hard to go to sleep so early, and I haven't been sleeping very well, even though I'm exhausted at the end of the day.  I'm having a hard time doing my hair cause it's so different than before, but I'm making it work.  I can't really put it in a bun, and I look like a three-year-old with braids, so I've just been wearing it down.  I am also so busy all day EVERY day (except this morning).  We were in the classroom almost ALL DAY yesterday, and my brain felt fried.  But, I am happy here.  It is a lot of fun!  

The food in the MTC isn't too bad....but it's not too good either.  I get oatmeal a lot at breakfast, and they always have fruit and salad as an option, which is nice.  I drink the caffeine free Diet Coke and pretend it has caffeine to try and trick my brain awake.  It's not really working so far.  :) 

I really love our class/district.  Us four sisters, Sister S, Sister W, and Sister K are the only sisters in our whole zone!  Our district (class) is the only one with girls in it.  Our branch presidents are President and Sister Howard.  I LOVE them.  I want to be them when I am old.  They have served all over the world, and they have the coolest stories about the Philippines and other places.

Class is so much fun.  We have two sisters as teachers, us four sisters, and six elders in our class.  We are probably the loudest and rowdiest class, but I like it that way.  I feel like I've known them all much longer than 4 days!  I've also learned a lot of Tagalog.  I can already say a lot of things.  We learn a lot every day.  Yesterday, we had to teach an investigator in Tagalog already!  It was scary, but it went okay.  I'm so excited to be able to speak it more fluently!  

I also already got part of my travel plans!  I will be leaving for the Philippines on October 1st and will stay in the Manila MTC for five days.  My class (district) is all traveling at the same time, which will be fun!  On October 7th, I will head out to the Philippines Cauayan mission.  Yay!  Also got my return date:  February 22nd, 2017.  So I'll see you then... ;) 

I love you guys so much!  I miss you all.  I am excited to get to more teaching and to get to the Philippines.


xoxo Sister Anna Ray Allen

Sister Stokes and Sister Allen

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